Point of sale screens are an ever-common sight across retail locations, with many of our own clients utilising them. Their proliferation should not be a surprise really considering the till areas in stores are generally where dwell time racks up as people queue to pay and with the positive correlation between dwell and attention paid to screens, it makes good strategic sense to target this audience.

One issue with till point screens is that despite the increased dwell time, the likelihood of a potential viewer being distracted from displays by phones, friends, children etc. is greatly increased. The key to effective content at this position is to show something pertinent to their experience (as opposed to simply generic advertising content). With many brands also utilising call forward systems at this position in their stores, we at Pixel have looked to combine this process within our award-winning digital display solutions, as what can be more important to a waiting shopper than information telling them how to complete their in-store journey?

Queue management helps increase efficiency for TK Maxx shoppers

Working alongside TK Maxx, we developed a bespoke script to sit inside the architecture of their existing, Pixel-managed SCALA digital signage network that allowed till staff to call forward a new customer from the queue. With the push of a button, a staff member can trigger a unique piece of content to play across the multiple screens positioned on the back wall behind the cashier. This is a highly animated piece of content, utilising key design tricks (colour change, motion onset and luminance variance) accompanied by an auditory cue to ensure shopper attention is grabbed whether they have their head buried in a phone or have the latest noise-cancelling headphones on.

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