With scalable bezel-less image sizing, projection is often the most flexible of display options providing creative opportunities to inform, promote, entertain and present.

Priced to compete

Not so long ago, the cost (and space) requirements for a professional-grade projection setup were hugely prohibitive for most projects. However with the cost of hardware continuously falling and the advancement in laser, bulbless and blending technologies, projection is a real option for many clients we work with. Many clients are now opting for projection solutions where once video walls would have been the obvious choice.

Working with the likes of NEC and Panasonic, we use only the best and most efficient kit across our projection projects. Ensuring a projector has the appropriate levels of brightness for an environment and warrantied life for it’s proposed use is key to ensuring a successful and stress-free solution. A leading QSR client of ours utilises the latest units from NEC to bring to life their menus, with all kit hidden away neatly into ceiling recesses, to create an unrivalled clean and impressive solution.


Little aliens at the O2 and Owen Farrell drop-kicking through Tower Bridge?

The ability to edge-blend multiple projectors to create a single, bezel-free canvas for your content is a real game changer allowing the projection to cover huge spaces. We’ve worked with O2 on some truly stunning edge-blended projects for their flagship sites in London and Manchester, projecting city landscapes across whole walls, with a series of fun, attention-grabbing animations (such as aliens landing on the O2 arena!) occurring all across the cityscapes.

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