In our humble opinion, the best retail experiences are multi-sensory in their approach. Combining our visual solutions with in-store audio means not only can you bring the latest ‘tunes’ to your customers but also create an audio-visual integrated content campaign with ease!

We utilise pro-grade equipment and carry out detailed pre-install surveys to ensure audio coverage is not only maximised but also top quality, every time.

Craft musical ambience

There are plenty of great reasons to play music and other audio in a retail space:

  • To craft ambience
  • To create a welcoming environment
  • To communicate with customers
  • To speed up/slow down shoppers (research has shown tempo in music impacts the tempo of our activity)
  • To create emotional attachments to a brand (music is a hugely emotive construct and playing the right track for the right listener can strengthen their perception towards a brand)

Avoid avoidance behaviours

With so many distractions to spend our time attending to whilst out shopping (phones, friends, competing stores), it is possible to block out visual marketing attempts. We obviously try to mitigate this by utilising design tricks shown to draw attention such as motion onset and human and animal faces. But the best way to get over any avoidance behaviours within your target audience is to utilise a multi-sensory approach. By including targetted, relevant and well-timed audio media within your in-store activity, you double the chance of a key message landing with your audience.  Simple really!


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