The future of retail has been and continues to be a hot topic for our industry for a number of years now, understandably so with the frequency of high-street names reporting less than ideal profits. Across the discussion, one truth seems to be prominent; the future of retail will depend on a heavy focus on experiential activities within bricks and mortar shopping. One solution we have developed and deployed for a number of clients is our digital photobooth.

Experience is key!

The photobooth comprises a digital display, business-grade media player and connected camera. Utilising custom built UI designs, the digital photobooth allows shoppers, diners, users and even staff to snap a selfie or group pic, edit away and then share wider often via social media or email. It is a solution designed to bring more excitement to brand experiences and facilitate your customers in generating organic, meaningful brand advocacy content.

Boomerangs and social buzz…

One such digital photobooth project we worked on recently was for the cosmetic retailer, Urban Decay. We created a bespoke hardware solution using best-in-class displays and players combined with a user-interface designed from the ground up by our in-house studio team. The solution allows users to capture 3-second long Boomerang-style stop motion images that they can then share with family and friends or even publish to the ‘social wall’ display in the shop, adding their image to the feed.

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