Understandably considering the costs involved, the acronym ‘ROI’ crops up relatively frequently when we talk digital solutions with our clients. One of the beauties of going digital with in-store and corporate comms activity is the fact that the hardware used to power displays is the same used by research companies to run data collection projects, so why not combine the two in one all-powerful Pixel solution with live audience analytics?

We have in-house expertise in data collection and analysis with two members of the team being trained statisticians and MSc scientists.

Our weapons of choice when it comes to proving performance to project stakeholders are:

  • Quividi
  • BDI Focus
  • Google Analytics

Learn more about your viewers with Quividi

Quividi is a France-based software company with a specialism in audience metrics for DOOH (digital-out-of-home) solutions. Utilising a simple webcam (or IP camera if preferred) the software can ‘read’ a scene in real-time and provide anonymised data on a slew of metrics including:

  • Opportunity to see (OTS) – how many people walk through the scene
  • Views – how many of the OTS counted turned to look at a screen (or another focal point)
  • Dwell time – how long people stood in front of the camera
  • Attention time – how long people looked at the screen/focal point
  • Gender
  • Mood
  • Physical attributes – such as moustaches, beards, glasses etc.

Learn more about shoppers with BDI Focus

BDI is a footfall tracker tool that we utilise often pre-install to work out the ideal location for digital touchpoints within a space (often corporate). Our clients also utilise this software to track footfall overtime for general store performance.

With the ability to add digital ‘gates’ across any camera field of view, and to generate heatmaps showing exactly where traffic is concentrated, BDI is a useful tool implemented by multiple clients here at Pixel.

Learn more about your users with Google Analytics

We build a lot of bespoke apps for clients including O2, L’Oreal, Halifax Bank and TUI, and providing detailed analysis on how much use they are getting and the behaviours of users is a key need for many of those clients. Whilst developed initially for use with websites, Google Analytics can be moulded by our development team to work with any application built within our studio.

The rich data recorded on metrics including page views, dwell time, unique users etc. allow clients to not only monitor performance but improve and adapt to offer up interactive experiences that better achieve goals for both the user and brand.

If you’d like to know more about our audience analytics solutions and how Pixel can help you capture rich data about your digital installations, get in touch today.

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