Accredited Platforms

We work with a host of market-leading software partners so no matter your project, we have the right tools for success.


With more than 30 years experience in digital communication solutions, Scala’s CMS software is a global leader. Our ‘weapon of choice’ for many projects, Scala assures quality everytime.

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A relative newcomer to the world of digital CMS, this Swiss-based company offers up a solution high on flexibility. Engage and interact with your customers across any display with Grassfish and Pixel.

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Looking to control everything yourself? Design, manage, implement and measure the success of digital signage projects directly with one of the most prolific ‘hands-on’ CMS softwares available today.

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ROI is a big requiremnt across any marketing activity, more so digital signage and retail solutions. Quividi provides rich data-driven audience insights that boost performance and increase ROI.

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