Accredited Platforms

We work with a host of market-leading software partners on which we build unique solutions for our customers. We think it’s best to capitalise on the years of experience of these vendors rather than try to tie our customers into our own proprietary platforms. No matter your project, we have the right tools to ensure its success.


With more than 30 years experience in digital communication solutions, Scala’s CMS software is a global leader and we’re one of Scala’s most experienced and capable implementation partners.

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This Austrian-based company offers a software CMS solution high on flexibility and with several unique off-the-shelf features . Engage and interact with your customers across any display with Grassfish and Pixel.

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Signagelive is one of the more mature SAAS platforms on the market, with great support for most SOC devices. One of its key strengths is its ease of use, so we often recommend it when customers want to control their own content directly.

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Quividi is a software platform which tracks the audience of a digital display and provides rich data and insights that can help you understand what content is working hardest across all of your demographic profiles. Uniquely, it’s able to report on the success of each individual content campaign, not just the display itself.

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Discover, manage and display the most engaging visual content across all your marketing touchpoints with Stackla’s AI-powered enterprise UGC platform.

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Now Signage

Digital signage software that works on any device.
​Our products enable you to display content where it matters to your customers!

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In Store Media

Based on a complete understanding of the 3 stakeholders of the purchase process, Retailers,
Brands & Shoppers, in-Store Media invests in media assets that will be monetized adding value to all parts involved.

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Moki software enables companies to manage large fleets of single-purpose customer-facing iOS, Android, and BrightSign devices in use cases like kiosksdigital signage and points of sale (POS).

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Sound Track Your Band

Mood-based music for your business
Just press play

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BlueSight – BDI Focus

The BDI Focus suite of tools provides a range of metrics that report to a dedicated cloud-based portal. Footfall, queue measurement and heatmapping.

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