One of the many things that sets Pixel Inspiration apart from the pack is our passion for and deep understanding of what makes for great digital content. To us, content is just as important as any other element of a good install, and in many cases, it’s the most important. This respect and love for good content are what drove us a few years back to build our very own green screen filming facility up at our Altrincham HQ and we have a raft of video production expertise across our studio staff.

Simply pointing a camera won’t get you far!

Video production is a highly specialised area of expertise requiring a huge array of skills including camera work, lighting, audio, storyboarding, directors, make-up, the list goes on. While we don’t profess to have every one of specialisms in-house, we work with a trusted selection of partners to fill any gaps in our own studio’s skillset, allowing us to offer up a video production service that has helped a range of clients from American Airlines to Lloyds Banking Group.

A full film crew, a couple dozen of extras and catering descend on Manchester Airport

One of the first big video production jobs we produced was for American Airlines back in 2010. The airline wanted a brand new promotional video to advertise the benefits of VIP membership, particularly focussing on the network of VIP passenger lounges found across the globe. We arranged permissions with our existing client, Manchester Airport for some late night filming at Terminal 2, booked a whole crew (including lighting, audio and make-up) and signed up 30+ extras to fill scenes with. Pixel scripted the full 3-minute film, storyboarded each scene carefully in partnership with American Airlines and our Creative Director, Darren, directed the full shoot. The final film was shown during American Airline flights around the globe as well as on their website and at corporate events.

Video production jobs aren’t always as big as this though, with many of the projects we work on focussing on conceptualisation. We will often break out the camera and green screen to show a rough idea to a client before getting a full budget signed off to create a more polished version. A great example of this is when we worked on a host of ‘disruptive’ content ideas for Lloyds Bank’s digital signage platform. We used our in-house film studio to produce an array of potential ideas, with a number being selected to go forward into full production (our favourite being a little boy throwing a snowball ‘at’ the screen and ‘breaking’ it)

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