A key driver for many brands to look at digitisation of their communication channel is the increased possibility of interactivity. Allowing customers and staff to get hands-on with marketing material can lead to a deeper and richer experience, increasing engagement and a raft of desired attributes such as fondness and trust toward a company. In the “always-connected” 21st century, the increased chance for a picture or video share is also a huge bonus – what better way to advertise your brand for example than through an organic testimonial by way of a tweet or instapic?

Affordances are key to great UI/UX

However, one obstacle is thrown up when looking at interactive solutions – that of bad design turning users off. If an on-screen interactive journey is lacking in clarity or fails to draw the users eye to the right element at the right time, it can lead to sizable negative connotations of the brand. That’s why at Pixel, we have a number of dedicated UI/UX designers on hand to ensure our solutions hit the ground running from day one!

More so than with any other design discipline, understanding the complex balance of science and art is paramount to great UI/UX design.  Our UI/UX designers work alongside our visual psychologists to test designs and ensure that we create clear, effective and welcoming interactive experiences for our clients an their customers.

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