Content Production

The old adage states that “content is king”.

We’re firm believers in that here at Pixel and that is why we have built up a multi-skilled, award-winning studio team since 2004. It doesn’t matter how good your screen resolution is, how thin a bezel you’re using or even the fact that you have the “perfect” install location if your content is, simply put, naff!

Our content studio team are a highly specialised crew of animators, illustrators, 3D artists, coders, photographers, film-makers, motion graphics gurus, UI/UX designers and copywriters and are ready to take on any digital project. Story-boarding original, unique concepts to the design and development of 2D and 3D creative assets: we do it all.

Check out some of what we get up to below and give our latest creative showreel a watch!

Video Production

Be it that perfect 5-second shot for a single piece of content or a series of 3-minute promotional videos for a new national campaign, our studio team has rich experience in creating beautiful video for a range of clients and projects. 

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Motion Graphics

Our research team have shown time and time again that the key to grabbing viewer attention is motion (well and human faces). Good job then we have a studio chock-full with great motion graphic designers who spend their dfays creating beautiful and impactful content. 

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We know that novelty is a key way for communication to impact a viewer’s memory. That’s why our animation team work alongside the rest of the studio and with our clients to create bespoke content items and assets for use across digital retail networks, websites and even TV.

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UI/UX Design

Creating impactful experiences via bespoke digital applications relies on clever design focussed on usability and putting the audience in the driver’s seat. Our specialist UX/UI team work alongside our research team to create solutions that count.  

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3D Modelling

Our studio team includes some excellent 3D animators who have helped bring to life everything from the latest smartphone and perfume bottles to a family of banking elephants and a wise-cracking haddock called Harry!

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Whether you know exactly what you want and simply need some small details to be ironed out, or need us to come up with a full creative campaign including storyboards, 3D renders and copywriting, we’re here to help you out. 

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