Touch screens and other public interaction devices provide surfaces on which Viruses and Bacteria can transfer between people. A sanitisation strategy provides one method of reducing the risks of infection but another, technological, option is to use Touchless sensors to allow interaction with digital apps. We have three options:

  • Voice recognition
  • Gesture recognition
  • Proximity detection


Voice Recognition

Voice recognition systems have become increasingly prevalent and accepted by today’s society, with Alexa, Google Home and Siri all having significant penetration in the home space. Our voice recognition systems are based on the same detection mechanisms as these popular and well tested platforms, but provide a ‘walled garden’ of acceptable voice commands, to ensure that only the interaction you want to enable is enacted. Voice control can enable a user to perform virtually any interaction that they would otherwise achieve with an on-screen touch.

Gesture Recognition

Interacting with apps using gestures has been available for several years now and can be paired with any display technology, including LCD and Projection. Gestures are detected by depth sensing cameras and interpreted by the software to create the interaction with software. We think that this type of technology is more suited for applications that have regular usage by staff who can be trained on the correct gestures for interaction or where customer facing interfaces have been specifically designed for gesture input.

Proximity Detection

Using multiple proximity sensors integrated with a display based interaction system can provide another mechanism to allow users to indicate their needs. A simple swipe of the air can then answer a question or make a selection presented from an on-screen, or audio menu.

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