Queueing for extended periods of time since the advent of social distancing has been commonplace and is unlikely to reduce for some time. In an effort to help reduce the perceived wait time and provide advance information to waiting customers, we’ve created a queue communication system that can be easily retrofitted into any environment. The concept is simple: provide visual and audio messaging to customers who are waiting outside your store, with either manual or automated queue time estimation mixed with entertainment, brand and customer service messaging. Our queue communication system features several components that may be used in a modular way to create the ideal solution to your specific needs:

  • Battery operated mobile digital displays
    Allow full freedom of movement and positioning, with up to 12 hours of run time before a re-charge is needed. Each display can operate standalone or networked, to provide real-time call forward messaging and queue time information.
  • Queue detection and wait time estimation cameras
    Using technology originally developed for theme parks and ski resorts, specialist cameras are able to monitor the size of queue for reporting purposes and also to provide queue time estimation for customers (bot those waiting and those who may be looking online).
  • Directional audio or whispering window speakers
    Allow you to speak with a consistent brand voice to customers in the outside queue without fear of noise pollution and the consequent local regulatory hurdles this would present.
  • Visual and audio message production and remote scheduling
    The technology can only do its job if it has suitable content with which to communicate to your customers. Our in-house content studio has over 15 years of experience in designing and creating audio and visual brand messaging for retailers and hospitality clients.
  • Staff walkie talkies (two way radios)
  • To allow staff managing a queue to speak with their colleagues in-store and coordinate traffic, we offer easy to use and inexpensive two way radio systems. They’re re-chargable, battery powered and come complete with various accessories such as holsters and ear-pieces.

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