We can provide a variety of digital technology and solutions to actively manage the capacity of your store, venue, canteen or workplace, helping you  ensure that social distancing guidance can be followed without significant manual intervention.

Our solutions are based on digital sensors, which can detect people in a variety of different ways; from sensing the presence of their mobile phone to using facial recognition to identify staff and customers.

In all cases, the solutions we use are based on GDPR compliant platforms, ensuring that you stay on the right side of all regulations. The data collected is entirely anonymised but can also be used to identify statistics such as repeat visits, movement patterns, the duration of dwell and virtually any other statistic of note, which means that these solutions will continue to provide value long after social distancing is ended.


SmartPhone Detection

These solutions are ideal for environments with large footprints that depend on public footfall for their business such as retailers and venues. Our solution uses a patented technology which detects 95% or more of Smartphone devices, even if they do not have wifi or Bluetooth enabled. A realtime API provides the ability to count the number of people in an area in a matter of seconds, allowing for subsequent decisions and actions to be taken, such as activating an automated visual and audio broadcast, closing entry zones or alerting staff members. A fully featured online portal is also available for manual interrogation of the traffic patterns aggregated from all sensors in your network.

Camera Based Detection

Visual detection solutions are well suited to environments with low penetration of mobile phone use, such as factories or warehouses. They use specialist and non-specialist camera devices to capture the images of people as they pass by their detection zone, such as at entrances or other pinch points. Software is used to analyse  each frame of the camera’s output, recognising individuals in the space and counting them automatically. Depending on the solution, this can be a simple numeric count or a more advanced tally that includes gender and age recognition. Some systems can even identify individuals, to allow separation of staff statistics from other visitors. In either case, the software provides an API that can allow integration and triggering of actions on other systems, including digital signs and audio broadcasts.

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