When national institution Argos decided it was time to undertake a major refit of its stores, including the large-scale introduction of in-store digital media, they selected Pixel to help them achieve their vision.

The philosophy was one of functional minimalism: de-cluttering the store whilst introducing more efficient ways for customers to shop. To test the waters, Argos commissioned us to supply an integrated digital media solution for six trial stores. There were two key principles for the digital content:

  1. All prices should be live – to achieve this we integrated with their existing pricing system, querying the costs of the SKUs being promoted and integrating the live pricing into the digital media
  2. Only stock that is available in the local store should be promoted – through an integration with their inventory management system and business rules built into the content playback engine, we ensured that if it’s on screen in the store, it’s available to purchase in that store.

Once the dynamic content engine had been completed, we worked with Argos’ existing installation company to configure the in-store video walls in a variety sizes and configurations, with some walls dedicated to POS promotion and others to aid navigation and brand messaging.

We work closely with the Argos design agency to produce and design content for the screens, including consultancy with our research department to ensure each piece of content was as effective as possible. The number of stores covered by this rollout continues to grow with over 400 digital stores including the newer Sainsbury’s in-store locations, with each bringing a new lease of life to one of the UK’s favourite retailers.

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